We have a few favorite websites that have helped us with our travel plans.

Kayak – Start looking for your airfare here. Sometimes kayak won’t list flights on low-cost carriers, and won’t show you Southwest. They also won’t show you Spirit, which is a blessing.

Other airfare websites:

  • – finds low cost combinations within a range of dates
  • – good for open jaw and using different airlines for outbound/inbound legs.
  • – often includes low-cost carriers
  • Google Flights – Good for some of the more obscure destinations.
  • And some advice: visit your destination airport’s departures/arrivals board. Often this will show you discount airlines that don’t appear elsewhere.

Spanish with Laura – Online Spanish lessons via Skype, Laura also offers in-person lessons in Queretaro, Mexico. She’s an amazing teacher, witty, personable, and makes learning Spanish  FUN!!

Images Etc. – The photography website of our travel companions and good friends, Tony and Erika Craddock. They’re well-known in their field for a good reason, they are both exceptional photographers. Watching them work is a bonus of traveling with them.

More Photos and Images from Tony Craddock at Fine Art America – Tony Craddock’s photos and images, which you can purchase in different forms (on coffee mugs, postcards, etc.)

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